Concrete Imprinting

Stamped concrete is a high strength surface of freshly poured concrete.  Our system contains high strength fibre concrete mix.  The colour hardener contains sand with siliceous content of material.  

Concrete imprinting is virtually maintenance free.  It is extremely hard wearing, unlike gravel – You will get weeds! and Tarmac – You will get sinking.

Concrete just gets stronger year after year. There is an unlimited combination of colours and some of the most up to date designs you will ever find!  We also sell sealers for wall and interior/exterior floors.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How thick is the concrete?  4 inches / 100mm minimum for driveways, around patios and swimming pools.

  2. Do we use metal?  Yes we do – 8mm rebar

  3. Do we mix our own concrete? No, we have it delivered

  4. Do we put expansion joints in (movement joints)?  Yes we do

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