Foundations & Subsidence

Subsidence is probably one of the worse thing that can happen to your home or commercial business if not treated asap can be very costly.

There are a lot of different reasons for weak ground; water damage, loosely packed soils or even neighbouring constructions or new building works.

Usually Foundation Subsidence effects a part of your home or business where the ground is unstable and you notice this through brickwork, cracks, doors not shutting properly, floors sinking, or even your driveway sinking. Clay Soil can shrink quite severally in hot weather then expand in heavy rain which can impact your footings.

If you have garden plants and trees too close to your home especially Ferns & Willows they can effect your house foundations. Even heavy road traffic can disturb the base of your home, and very old houses sometimes have very shallow footings.


We use different methods to solve your problems, our structural engineer will come out and do a site survey. Some jobs can be completed in just one day. Floors do not have to be excavated we don’t have to cause damage to your home or garden.

We use Resin Injection to complete the work to your damaged area.

A demonstration can be arranged to make you understand the process.

Please contact us with your problems and pictures if possible if not, we will come out and conduct a free survey.

The basic method used for Polyurethane Foam Injection Beneath the concrete slab is to raise it back to its original position, small 10 mil holes are drilled into the concrete slab and then the polyurethane is injected to fill voids underneath and lifted.

The injection system can also be used for Lifting Foundation Of Houses , Swimming Pools , Steps, Etc

The foam is fully expanded within 10-15 seconds.

The polyurethane is very suitable for filling large voids in soil as it is waterproof and extremely light and not putting any more pressure or weight than is needed.

Its a very quick and cost effective method for lifting concrete slabs or Soil Stabilisation.


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