What Is Gunite

Gunite is a dry gunned process of sand, cement and aggregate sprayed at high pressure, through a hose with compressed air. Water is injected to hydrate the mixture immediately before it’s applied to the surface

Benefits of Gunite

Gunite easily bonds to prepared surfaces such as brick/rock/steel/reinforced mesh and even soil.

Gunite can be twice the strength of concrete and can be applied to any thickness.

Uses for Gunite

Swimming pools, repairs for bridges, retaining walls, sewers and even sea walls and foundation stabilisation/void filling. The strength of Gunite is about 6000 – 7000 psi.

Gunited swimming pools are far superior to poured concrete pools. You can make them any shape and they’re cheaper to build

Gunite is excellent for slope stabilisation; we put a wire mesh over the whole sloped area, then Gunite is sprayed. It stops any loose rocks, stones or erosion and we can even channel the rain water to where you want it to go.

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